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Spring Around the Corner

With the additional hours of daylight again beginning to provide some welcome illumination and by the way, Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday March 9th this year, so we can start to take stock and plan for the upcoming running season while we avoid the potholes left by the Winter.

Some of the ideas that may come to mind, could be what equipment do I need? Shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, and perhaps a song, will get me out the door. But it is also a time to run smart and ramp up the intensity of our activity in such a way as to avoid injury. That is a real drag when it happens early in the season.

Starting to extend your mileage again is a natural as an earlier sunrise and later sunset, and there are other websites and resouces that can help you to plan that accordly, so let this just serve as a reminder. Another way to get back into or even start in the running and walking sport is to come out and participate in the ORC weekly track workouts. There is usually someone there who will be about your level that you can work with and the even groomed surface keeps you from injury.


Congrats to all who came out to a great event...This year Rockland Took home the 2014 Inter-Club Prize. Here are the numbers. Full results are pending.



We all look forward to a great season of the sport, and hope to see you on the road.

Good Running to you,

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