Minute 2: Ditch these foods before you run

Last week we dished out some advice on carbs & fat loading, and provided a list of foods to avoid pre-run. Now, we’re taking it to the next level with a detailed breakdown of why certain foods slow your roll, and giving you examples of healthy substitutions to make. Take a look at “Are These Foods Making Your Runs Slower?” from Polar.

The first tip is to remember the “3 B’s,” and no, that’s not an obscure reference to The Office. The B’s we’re talking about are beans, broccoli, and berries. They’re all nutritionally dense foods you should have in your diet, but they’re high in fiber, which digests slowly. Save these B’s for after your run to avoid stomach cramps. You should also steer clear of dairy, a common culprit of stomach problems. An estimated 70% of adults have some level of lactose intolerance, and while symptoms are often minimal, running has been known to exacerbate the problem. Some people may have read “carbo-load” and thought sugar is the way to go. Sugars are a type of carb, and sports drinks like gatorade are tailor made for athletes, after all. The problem? Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that gives rapid energy, followed by a crash. That’s the last thing you need mid run.

The article lists a few other categories to avoid, but now it’s time to answer the question “What Are Good Foods to Eat Before a Run?” The article has lots of simple recipes that make use of toast, honey, and nut butter. These ingredients, along with the other snacks they list, provide long lasting energy without disrupting your gut. Ryan Hall also weighs in with this piece: “Distance Running Legend Ryan Hall Shared 6 Keys to Eating Before a Big Race.”









Source: Six Minute Mile Newsletter