Listing your Race or Event with the Orange Runners Club

Starting in 2014 a fee based event listing policy will go into effect.

The goal of our general calendar is to present a list of races that are of relevance or specific interest to our local runners, to best serve our community and support the club. In this regard we have we have opted to add a listing fee for event directors wanting to add their event to the Orange Runners Club General Calendar in 2014. We feel there is good value in this listing fee and that it will help not only with the director's event but also the club to meet its financial responsibilities.

Also note there will be special cases, for example our own club events, club partners, and sponsors that will be exempt from these fees as they contribute in the activities and functions of the club in such a way to be recognized as qualified. This will be decided by the elected officers of the club.

Orange Runners Club General Calendar Listing Fee

Effective January 2014

Non-Members: $20 per Event
ORC Members: 1 Free Event Listing per year, then $18 per event
SS Members: 1 Free Event Listing per year, then $18 per event
Special: Exempt from Listing Fee

  • Events will remain on the current year's ORC calendar until requested to be removed, or rolled over into the following year.
  • Listing on the ORC General Calendar will include provision for results and photo links as in previous years.

  Paper Race Listing Application Word Formatpdf format Online Race Listing Application OnLine Race Application

Please also note, we will only list races and other running events that we deem to be relevant. A primary criteria of "relevance" is that the event be within our local area, or is otherwise of specific interest to our own running community. We are an all-volunteer organization, and do not have the resources to be a "MEGA listing service", for races that do not fit our criteria for listing or are not club sponsored. So your understanding of this policy is greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you feel your event may be an exception.

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