The Orange Runners Club Hall of Fame

Notable Persons and Presidents of the Organization

Here we recognize the past and present members of the Orange Runners Club organization who have been selected and considered notable in the eyes of their peers and in the sight of the administration of the organization. This is not an easy task in the light of changing trends, personal opinions, and social sways that make a person popular or faddish. Rather, this is a place to recognize and distinguish the person who has been durable and will add to the club's long tradition of working with the public to encourage the sport of running in the local area and to promote good will in this regard.

Honorary Lifetime Members

Bruce Birnbaum
Club's Founding President


Frank Shorter
EJ Szulwach
Frankie '5K' Foremny
Lorne MacDonald
George Shurter
Cliff Davis


Presidents List



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