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Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in the September 2021 meeting. We did not have a big crowd but that was a path to a solid meeting and a satisfying informal get together. A big screen slide show and plenty of pizza was the backdrop for club business which was conducted as usual with the board present. And finally announced was our special guest speaker, Dave Madden the R4DT director and creator who was ready to review the events of the 2021 Run 4 Downtown race with us.

Dave was well prepared with the details of this year's Boilermaker styled event in Middletown, NY and spoke to us from the Race Director's perspective. We all agreed that it was the premiere running event in Orange County in 2021 up to this point, and made suggestions on how to adapt for the future.

Dave also validated the new course record of 18:58 by by Mr. Johannes and he seemed convinced that a better time was not only possible but expected for next year. This also means the women will have a 3:40 head start over the males in 2022!

I was personally impressed when Dave displayed the R4DT ale that was specially made for the event and I saw not only the logo that club member Patty Insignares designed but also the road map prominently displayed on the can that I had a hand in, (I understand the Equilibrium brewery is sold out).


We also had some serendipitous history with Frankie '5k' Foremny bringing in hardcopy of the Fall '05' newsletter and we picked out that Dave had won his ORC membership at the last track workout in 2005 and he has been a member ever since!

We also discovered at the R4DT that 5 finishers were aged over 80! And Dave shared the story of the volleyball girls at the 3rd water station who assisted a VERY determined final R4DT participant (aged 87), who ran the race against his family's wishes and knowledge. In 2:06:34, he finished with the aid of that volleyball team - with the biggest smile. The Volleyball team and coach coined the new phrase: "Go all the way - like Dugan!"

The Fall races are beginning to roll out and the September Orange Runners Club monthly public meeting will again be held on a Thursday September 9th at the Sleep Inn and Suites on route 6 in Middletown-Goshen, NY at 7PM.

We delayed the meeting by a week because it came up so early in the month on the first this September and I would not be able to be there because of a race in South Dakota that did not turn out as planned. Shout-out at the meeting. This will not be permanent change and the October meeting will resume on the first week of the month as usual.

Will also have some back issues of Runners World magazines at the meeting available for take away. The info is dated but still useful, (first come first served).

Planning to have pizza, salad, and some water available as a basic meal and there is a BYOB option in effect.

And as a reminder, if you are not fully or partially vaccinated against the covid19 pathogen you may be at higher risk of catching this illness and I am sure all of us would not like to see that happen. So if you prefer, please wear your PPE and take all the precautions you feel safe with. Take care of your health!
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The Orange Runners Club holds its public general meetings on the first Wednesday of each calendar month.  

Sleep Inn and Suites,
Rte. 6, Middletown NY [map]

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday October 6, 2021 - Public Invited
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