5:45 PM warmup (5:30 PM for an extended warmup)

On club meeting Wednesdays, for example Sept 4th, the workouts will be adjusted to alllow time to make the meeting.

Sept. 11th

Repetitions of 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400m.

There will be a 200m recovery jog for each 400m and a 400m recovery jog for all of the other intervals.

Each interval should be run at your current 5k pace.

Cool down as you see fit.


Monhagen Middle School, County Route 78, Middletown, NY [Map]


Drew Priest
A special thanks to everyone who participated in team ORC at the run for downtown.

Sample R4DT Post Race Photo
7/10/2019 - Track Shirts at Workout
June 12th, 2019
Windy afternoon at the start of 2019 Track Season.

Note: Google Chrome browser users will need to allow the 'unsafe' scripts

- Coach Drew has requested the VDOT Calculator for our runners benefit.


The Orange Runners Club weekly track workouts occur Wednesday evenings when daylight permits.



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