Wednesdays at 6PM - Warmup - 5:45pm (extended warmup 5:30pm)

Workout: 10/17/2018


The 6:00pm workout will be 1200, 1200, 800, 600, 600, 400.

There is a 200 recovery jog after the 600s and a 400 recovery jog after the others.

Each interval should be run at your 5k pace.
Cool down as needed.


Monhagen Middle School, County Route 78, Middletown, NY [Map]


Drew Priest
Final Track Workout for 2018 is Oct 31st - with post workout pizza at the Sleep Inn Rte. 6

- Coach Drew has requested the VDOT Calculator for our runners benefit.


The Orange Runners Club weekly track workouts occur Wednesday evenings when daylight permits.



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