Track workouts start at 6:00 PM sharp.5:45 PM warm-up (5:30 PM for an extended warm-up)

Final Track workout is on October 12th.


Monhagen Middle School,
County Route 78, Middletown, NY [Map]

Oct. 5th:

Rep Pace Running
1 Mile warm up & warm down
6 x 400 @ at Pace w/ ¼ jog

Note: Track workouts may change for conditions.

Cool bugless empty track as evening fell - not bad

Coach Dave Billings Says


My plan is to use the Jack Daniel's Formula for training. What that means is that we will be focusing on incorporating Tempo runs, Interval runs & Repeat runs into our track practices. I like to call them, T-pace, I-pace & R-pace.

The Jack Daniels Training Pace table for 5k runners. This table of paces has current 5k times from 37:20, which is 12:00 minute pace all the way down to 17:33 5k, which is 5:39 per mile pace. The chart also provides you pace per mile for your Easy run, Steady run, Tempo run, Interval run & Rep run.

If you use the Daniels Formula it will help you to improve your 5k races. You do this by looking up your current 5k fastest time, then finding the next fastest time below it. As you find the next fastest 5k time to focus on, you will also focus on the correlating Tempo pace, Interval pace & Rep pace.

Let me give you an example… Say you current race pace for a 5k is 12:00 minutes per mile which equates to a 37:20 5k. To get faster, all you need to do is look at the next fastest 5k time which is quicker than 37:20. On the chart that will be 36:10 for 5k or 11:38 pace per mile. Then you find the correlating Temp Pace, which is 12:28, Interval Pace, which is 11:28 & Rep Pace, which is 2:40.

Our Track Workouts will incorporate these different training paces into our training runs.

In conclusion, may the road rise up to meet you & may the wind be always at your back!

Track Relay 8/24/22

Starting August 24th Track Workouts will be adding a 1/2 marathon & full marathon training run to the normal Wednesday track workouts.

We will still have workouts for those wanting to train for 5k to 15k races, as well as training workouts for those looking to run a Fall half marathon or full marathon. The difference between the training workouts will be that the half & full marathon training will include longer repeats at Tempo Pace with 1-2 minute recoveries included in the overall workout.

Coach Dave Billings

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the final track workout of 2021!
Congratulations to Allison Henson, F (7:21), and David Madden, M (5:35), for being the fastest people on the track running the Frankie 5k Membership Mile Challenge on October 13th, 2021. In addition to the $100 each from Frankie they will also have their memberships extended into 2022. Well done, and thought they made it look easy!

Note: Google Chrome browser users will need to allow the 'unsafe' scripts

- Coach Drew has requested the VDOT Calculator for our runners benefit.


The Orange Runners Club weekly track workouts occur Wednesday evenings when daylight permits.



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