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Track Coach :
Brian Keenan email:

Track workouts NON-Meeting Wednesdays at 6PM. -
Warmups 5:45 PM.

On the first Wednesdays of a month (club meeting day) the track workouts start a bit earlier so you have more time to make the meeting.

Location: Monhagen Middle School, County Route 78, Middletown, NY [Map]
Workout: 5/24/17

10 minute warmup

5X800 meter repeats with 400 meter recovery jog,
no walking breaks.

Repeats are run slightly faster than 5K pace. The goal is to run each repeat with the same finishing time or at least obtain a finishing time of each repeat 5-10 seconds of each other.

Slower group to run 3-4 800 meter repeats followed by a 10 minute jog.

- Additional Track Workout Time Scheduled -
Track work outs continue on Wednesdays at Monhagen School. Starting May 3rd we will have two workouts. The regular or early group at 5:30 / 6:00pm and a second group or later group at 7:00pm. These training sessions will be identical workouts. We are looking to get as many people as we can to benefit from the track work outs so we are offering these two time slots. If there is interest in this second time slot we will continue this thru the summer. Again, regular track work outs are Wednesday, April 12, 19 & 26. The second session will begin May 3rd.

See you at the track! Thank you, TAZ
First Track Workout March 29th
[Photo Provided by J.Insignares]


DST 2017 - Starts Sunday March 12th - Ends Sunday November 5th
The Orange Runners Club weekly track workouts occur every Wednesday evening around Daylight Savings Time.



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