Minute 1: Steal these form tips from a running legend

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Quentin Tarentino subscribes to that theory, noting that he steals “from every single movie ever made.” If it works to improve your artistry, then why not your running? Studying the methods of accomplished runners around the world can be quite rewarding, and you can start with these “5 Important Tips Runners Can Learn from Eliud Kipchoge.” Kipchoge is a midfoot striker, keeping ground contact time short and foot elasticity high.

Keep in mind, we’re not suggesting everyone copy this technique, but rather, adopt the habit of being mindful of your form, and discover what method will work best for you. To help guide your process, read “Footstrike: Should I land on my forefoot, midfoot or my heels?” Another aspect of form worth considering is stride length. A proper stride will minimize excess force applied to your knees, ankles, and hips. To know if you’re overstriding or not, take a look at “How to Identify, Understand, and Fix Overstride in Running Form.” For more info about cadence, limb stiffness, and upper body movement, read the “5 Tips” article and see what else you can borrow from Kipchoge’s toolbox.








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