2022 Orange Runners Club Social Events

Event Location Time Cost Contact and Info
TBD Jaime's Breakfast Run Salesian Park, Goshen,NY Run then Breakfast, courtesy of Jaime at Orange County Bagel. Social Dist. may apply. 8:00 AM Free Text Jaime at 914-438-5920.

No Runner Left Behind

TBD Jaime's Rafting Ride Barryville, NY Cedar Rapids, at cedarrapidsny.com 9:00 AM $25 Text Jaime at 914-438-5920  
Aug Orange Runners Club Summer Party Quinn's - 6 Andrea Court, Goshen NY 5:00 PM BYOB and desserts or snacks to share, Co-ordinate with Jenny (845) 551-7407 & FB  

2021 Orange Runners Club Social Events







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