The Final track workout of 2021 on October 13th is the

Frankie 5k MEMBERSHIP MILE Challenge.

(A friendly competition)

On October 13th, the quickest male and female found on the track running a mile distance, (4x400) will both win a 2022 ORC membership and a $100 cash prize sponsored by Frankie 5k.

Congratulations to Allison Henson, F (7:21), and David Madden, M (5:35), for being the fastest people on the track running the Frankie 5k Membership Mile Challenge on October 13th, 2021. In addition to the $100 each from Frankie they will also have their memberships extended into 2022. Well done, and thought they made it look easy!

Bill Gaa, director of the Knights of Columbus Kris Kringle 5k that is coming up in December, surprised us all and offered a cash prize to the fastest male and female walkers on the same mile track course.
The winning walkers were Naomi Forter, F (13:29) and Martin Nowak, M (13:28). Congratulations to them - and to Bill for his impromptu and spontaneous purse that enhanced the spirit of the event.

Photos Photos
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the final track workout of 2021!

Spectators and participants can run laps until the Membership Mile race then we ask you keep the track clear for the milers - or jump into the competition.

Track workouts at 6:00 PM sharp.
5:45 PM warm-up (5:30 PM for an extended warm-up)

You remember Frankie giving you your split at the one mile marker in the ORC Winter Series? This is your chance to get to him first!!

Salute to the Track Season
Following the track workout/Membership Mile race, October 13th, we plan to get together at the HighBall Tavern on 42 Ingrassia road, (formerly Orrios), just up the road from the Monhagen Middle school track for a beverage and some socializing. They also have food available (menu).

Nothing formal, just a way to say so long to the track season and the hard work you all put in keeping fast in 2021.




Regular Track workouts Re-Start in the Spring of 2022

Track workouts start at 6:00 PM sharp.

5:45 PM warm-up (5:30 PM for an extended warm-up)


Monhagen Middle School,
County Route 78, Middletown, NY [Map]

Oct. 6th:

Repetitions of 1200, 800, 800, 800, 1200.

All with 400 recovery jogs.

Each interval should be run at your current 5k pace.

Cool down as you see fit.

Coach Drew


Run smart, run safe. Stay hydrated.

Track workout May 19th, 2021, was warm near 80. Photo thanks to Dave Madden.
Track Opens in 2021 with a sprinkling of runners despite the threat of rain and the locked gates.
Track April 28th, 2021
Track opens in 2019

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- Coach Drew has requested the VDOT Calculator for our runners benefit.


The Orange Runners Club weekly track workouts occur Wednesday evenings when daylight permits.



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